MNIST on Jetson TX1 with Torch

What is a NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit? In short is a quad-core ARM and a 256-core Maxwell GPU packed into a single chip with pretty much all the accessories you need in a breakout board.


OSX Pickup dependencies: Add to your shell if you use zsh:

Laptop and eGPU Part 2 – Software

Disable Integrity Protection OSX El Capitan needs the disable integrity protection to run the modified Nvidia Drivers

Laptop and eGPU Part 1 – Hardware

Equipment The Box Basically throw away the Akitio chassis but keep the power cord from the transformer to the chassis (the DC power part).

AWS CodeCommit on OSX

Surprisingly, there are a few steps to get started on AWS CodeCommit…from a fresh OSX laptop.

Cassandra in a Container – Under the Hood

Wanted to show more of the magic that’s going on behind the scenes in Cassandra in a Container on OSX.

Cassandra in a Container on OSX

Getting Your Laptop Setup Let’s get Cassandra running, using containers to keep the runtime environment similar to what it would be in production.