Go Go Tensorflow

Fix your Xcode Do all your system upgrades: I was on High Sierra and needed to upgrade the OS to 10.

A Small Gathering of Variables (K5 Spec)

I want to vent a bit about the current landscape of Deep Learning frameworks / libraries / middlewares.

Switching to QNAP

Backup, backup, backup. Then verify your backups. Its what separates the noobs from the seasoned professionals.

bash -> zsh -> fish

I love bash. It has served me well and is an essential component of av as we discussed in a previous post.

Pakke and Unpakke

I’m sure five times a day, you download some code in some form of compressed file format.

Removing OSX Docker Things

So Docker for Mac is out of Beta. If you haven’t switched, I suggest you do.

Unbricking a pfSense Router

My pfSense router upgrade did not go so well… Diagnostics My pfSense router stopped working.